About us

About Us

Ferdows Ray Lab & Research Equipment Company has started its main activity by presenting advance services and introducing modern technology.
Benefiting from well-known & reputable companies’ agencies & experienced, educated scientific & technical team and following scientific marketing methods and having more than 2 decades experience in this field, has been able to communicate with academic, Scientific & Research, Industrial and Medical Centers and Expand and strengthen its relationship with them.
Choosing partner companies and studying their capabilities and products, as well as evaluating the equipment in terms of quality and its compliance with world standards and consistent with the needs of the country on the one hand, and on the other hand, support and after-sales services as the main and important element in one selection , has helped us to reach the goals we have taken.

Ferdows Rey Co., with reliance on research and utilization of scientific staff and university professors by obtaining a license for the establishment of an industrial research unit and research laboratory, as well as obtaining a production license from the Ministry of Industries, using past experiences and transferring The technical and technological know-how of the world’s today and its integration with the domestic facilities has made the production of research and laboratory equipment and honorably we believe that Ferdows Ray is the most famous company in Laboratory & Research Instruments in our country, and we do our best to continue the past successes to be able to gain the complete satisfaction of laboratory centers at the highest possible level..
We hope to have your kindly help & support as before in our way.



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